Cat Food Nutrition Calculator

Based on The Cornell Book of Cats Nutrition Information*

I developed this "calculator" because I became frustrated that pet foods don't list the carbohydrates in their "Guaranteed Analysis", and diabetic cats are very sensitive to the carbohydrates in their diet.  I think you'll be amazed if you compare the carbohydrate content of different foods -- I know I was.  I assume it works to calculate the carbohydrates in dog food, too, but I don’t have a dog.
(To see calculations for a variety of common cat foods, click here.)

To use:

  1. Read the "Guaranteed Analysis" statement on the package of cat food, and use the *yellow* boxes to enter the protein, fat, fiber, and moisture percentages from the label. If "ash" is listed, or if any other minerals add up to more than 1%, enter the total in the yellow box for Ash.

  2. Don't worry about the fact that the percentages are listed as "minimum" or "maximum" - just enter the numbers.  The actual analysis is supposed to be within a percent or two of what they list.  But if you get weird results, like negative values for carbohydrates, this inaccuracy in the guaranteed analysis is why.

  3. Click "Calculate"

  4. Read the percentage of carbs in the food, the calories per 100g of food, and the calories per ounce of food, based on the numbers you entered.  If you get a negative number for Carbohydrates, it’s because of the “minimum” and “maximum” ranges of the numbers you entered.  It just means it’s a very low-carbohydrate food, but we can’t tell how low because of the rough percentages of nutrients provided on the label.
  % of Food
(from label)
Calories per
100g of nutrient
Ash / other minerals
Wet Matter Carbohydrates
Calories per 100g of food:
Calories per ounce of food:
Dry Matter Carbohydrates:* (%)

* Note about Carbohydrates:  Dry Matter Carbohydrates are a more accurate measure of the carbs that your cat consumes, and are also important for comparing wet food to dry, so I've added them to the calculations. 

Disclaimer:  This calculator is NOT meant to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any medical condition in your pets.  I am NOT a veterinarian or other medical professional, and this calculator only does the math on the numbers you enter, so I cannot be responsible for the results.  Please make sure that your pets get regular veterinary care! 

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