ScheyderWeb Design is pleased to offer a fresh approach to Web design for Philadelphia area businesses.  

We are sick and tired of the typical website design firms that are taking Philadelphia small business owners for a ride.  When we discovered the prices they are charging for simple website construction, the only description we could think of was “usury”.  It is simply outrageous to charge anyone thousands of dollars to design and implement a small website.  Website design is just not that difficult, and frankly, anyone can do it themselves after about 3 hours of instruction.  It’s that simple. What’s more, web design firms seem to bank upon the average business owner not being knowledgeable regarding the Internet and computing technology.  It really offends us that these firms try to take advantage of business owners and often succeed.  So we decided to take action.

First, we are professionals in the computing field.  We participated in the creation of the Internet way back in 1991.  We know our subject.  Second, we live and work in Philadelphia and support local businesses with our purchases.  The mega-corporations with their soul-less corporate strategies offend us and we do our best not to patronize them.  Third, we genuinely enjoy the creative work involved in designing and implementing websites. 

Simply and succinctly, we prefer to do websites for small businesses we patronize, and we charge them fairly.  This type of trade accomplishes two things:  it undercuts the typical web design firms and builds the strength of the local business community.  

If this sounds interesting, please contact us.  We'd love to talk with you about what you want to accomplish with a website.

About ScheyderWeb Design

Formed in 2000 by Elizabeth and Robert Scheyder.  Elizabeth is a Registered Professional Engineer and a Penn PhD who also works and teaches at Penn.  Robert is a rocket scientist and Penn Mathematician.  Both have a wide variety of professional and personal interests.

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